eavestroughsEavestroughs for all types of homes. CGK Aluminum & Contracting a divison of CGK Industrial offers an extensive product line and installation of vinyl/aluminum siding, eavestroughs, soffit/fascia and railings. CGK Aluminum & Contracting has everything you need to create an exceptional home exterior. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest standards of service possible.

At times, rainwater can pose a very serious problem for your home, flooding of your basement or damaging your siding. At times, this moisture can cause molding and damage your foundation.

High-quality eavestroughs will help to prevent these types of problems. CGK Aluminum & Contracting has the efficient products you need to protect your property.

We offer aluminum and high-end copper eavestroughs with expert installation. CGK Aluminum & Contracting can help you create an extremely low-maintenance system for your  home.

Advantages of Our Services:

  • Specific Design – CGK will assess and customize each project, understanding your property features into consideration before startingany work.
  • Quality Materials – Whether you choose aluminum or copper, you’ll get quality eavestroughs that won’t chip or fade.
  • Uncompromised Results – CGK has the necessary experience with many properties and will always take the steps to assure functional and visually attractive results.